C2C envisions a province where all students and teachers are deeply connected to place, community and planet, are able to effectively communicate their stories of connectedness, and are taking responsibility to do so.

The Challenges

  • Environmental challenges of our time
  • Sedentary students and the benefits of outdoor time/experience
  • Erosion of active citizenship
  • Disengaged learners
  • Education separated from the natural systems that sustain us

The Opportunities

Place-based learning is a core foundation of our new curriculum in B.C. Teachers and students across the province are excited to be inquiring about issues and priorities that matter most to our communities with a more ‘local lens’. The C2C Education Network is working to support this leadership in place-based learning. Our goals are to:

     1.  Effectively communicate success stories of Place-Based Education as K-12 teaching and learning that is central to BC’s new curriculum

     2.  Inspire, support and enhance the ongoing and evolving work of K-12 teachers and K-12 partners in BC School Communities to integrate Place-Based Education as best practice

   3. Build greater capacity and collaboration for a BC wide network of Place-Based Education leaders/mentors, including K-12 teachers, schools, school districts, organizations, associations K-12 teachers and all PBE partner

     4.  Support and advance the organizational goals of all C2C Partners


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