Annual Conference

Annual Conference

C2C 2020 Provincial Conference

Lhtakoh* – Where People, Place and Practice Flow Together

*Lhtakoh: Lheidli name for the Fraser which means “waters within each other”

From Prince George, B.C.  (and online)

October 23, 2020


The Classrooms to Communities 2020 Provincial Conference will be held from Prince George and online everywhere on October 23.  Join us as we continue to connect educators from classrooms to communities.


Place-Based Learning is a core foundation of our curriculum in B.C. Teachers and students across the province are excited to be inquiring about issues and priorities that matter most to our communities with a ‘local lens’. By helping educators connect classroom and community through a focus on people, place and practice, this professional development event will inspire promising practices and transformative learning in our schools and communities.

This year’s theme flows from the ancestral lands of the Lheidli T’enneh (people from the confluence of the rivers) honoring their culture, language and history in their keyoh (territory, village, trapline), spanning the North Central Interior of B.C. from the Prince George area to the Alberta border. Many of B.C.’s tributaries originate in the region and flow through the province to the ocean through the Lhtakoh. We gratefully acknowledge and respect the Lheidli T’enneh and their neighbouring nations’ language, culture, peoples and lands as we visit or reside on their ancestral territories. Their stewardship and Indigenous ways of knowing and being will inspire us to continue to carry our work forward for a sustainable and engaging future in education.

Because of Covid-19, this is a unique conference, in that the program will all be accessed digitally. Despite not being able to gather face-to-face in community spaces, the focus of the conference is still how to connect students to their communities.  Our primary concern is the health and safety of all participants.

The Classrooms to Communities (C2C) 2020 Conference aims to support the practice of place-based learning. The conference goals are to:

  1. Model Place-Based Learning through highly interactive, experiential and replicable practices.
  2. Share and explore success stories of place-based learning as central to teaching and learning in BC’s K-12 curriculum.
  3. Inspire, support and enhance the evolving work of pre-K to 12 teachers and partners in BC schools and communities to integrate promising practices of place-based education.
  4. Build greater capacity and collaboration for a BC wide network of place-based education leaders/mentors, including pre-K to 12 teachers, schools, school districts, organizations, associations of teachers and all other interested partners.

Core Values of the Conference:
Place-Based: Helping participants discover the value of place and community, wherever they live, teach and learn.
Participant Engagement: Facilitating learner-centred experiences and creating space for dialogue and sharing of experiences and practices.
Model Inquiry: Modeling a focus on inquiry through place and community, and exploring Indigenous and other perspectives on inquiry, knowledge and understanding.
Experiential: Immersing participants in place through lived experience.
Walk the Talk: Ensuring the event is inclusive and respectful of all people and sustainable to the greatest extent possible.

This virtual conference will consist of a variety of place-based workshops, experiences and opportunities for collaboration and dialogue. Program elements on Friday, Oct. 23 will be facilitated in an online environment. You are invited to submit proposals that outline how your session focus will be highly engaging to participants. See evaluation criteria below. Collaborative, co-delivered offerings that celebrate shared successes and goals related to place-based learning are encouraged. All session hosts/facilitators are expected to register for the conference and should do so within 30 days of acceptance of their proposal. Conference registration is complimentary for presenters.

C2C 2020 will convene both school-based and community-based educators, as well as other community members committed to place-based, community-connected learning in a wide range of settings, including:
● Academics/Researchers
● Administrators and Policy-makers
● Post-Secondary Instructors/Professors
● Community-based Educators
● Educators who work with elementary schools
● Educators who work with high schools
● Early Childhood Educators
● Elementary School Teachers
● Secondary School Teachers
● Teacher Candidates
● Teacher Educators
● Other (please indicate)

Conference Registration Details:
Registration now open! Please visit:

For further information, please contact